A Tapestry of Conversation

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Over the weekend I sent out emails to 30 or so friends and colleagues, announcing the debut of LISOS. And to say I was nervous about how it would be received is an understatement.  But by the end of the Memorial Day weekend, we’d had over 200 hits on our blog site.

So, yes, it seems like there is some enthusiasm for what we’re trying to do here.

Thanks for all who responded, for all those who’ve signed up to follow us, and mostly for all of the supportive emails.

I thought you might enjoy reading some of what folks had to say:

It’ beautiful…

This is a wonderful idea and much-needed.  I’ll be signing up and passing along the link.  Thanks so much for doing this!

I admire your confidence and sense of self that has allowed you to step out in such a public way and say what so many in the profession work diligently to hide.  This blog will inspire, it will allow others to know they are not alone through these inherent struggles of the profession…

For most, it isn’t until that moment in time when the walls literally crumble and life as we ‘have learned to know it’ falls completely at our feet, do we stop and truly take time to reflect.  In this profession it is far easier to tackle the problems of others and hide in the work, than address those right under our nose.  

Being an outlet for others, providing a sounding board and supporting others in the profession is a wonderful resource that your blog provides.  

To be able to refer a colleague to your blog, an open forum for discussion, is the kind of outreach this profession needs. 

So, spread the word.  Forward the link to our site to as many friends and co-workers as you can and encourage them to sign up to follow the blog.  It’s your thoughts and insights and your respective contributions that will weave the tapestry of  rich and meaningful conversation.

In addition to all of the words of support and encouragement, I also received some good feedback, and I wanted to pass along some of that as well.

All jokes about lawyers and “soul” aside, I was reminded by several friends that this blog is something of an oxymoron.  To begin with the premise that lawyers have a difficult time talking to each other about what really matters, and then to launch a website where lawyers talk to each other about what really matters, seems to be at best amusing, and at worst hopeless.  I do recognize there is some element of truth in that observation, and I admit this is a pretty ambitious undertaking.

I hope to build a real community here that can freely share thoughts and feelings around the challenges of our profession and the places where our lives are infused with meaning.  But I know there are a lot of reasons why some might be reluctant to  post about such things on the internet, so one of the things I’ve done is to change the settings to allow for anonymous posts.  Hopefully, that will make it possible for more folks to enter the conversation and to share what it’s like to engage in this work and find meaning in our lives.

And who knows, if we keep doing this long enough maybe one day the culture will change and lawyers won’t have to be afraid of talking openly about what’s in their hearts.  I long for that day.

One thought on “A Tapestry of Conversation

  1. Thank you for taking the time to create this blog. I hope, over time, it will evolve into an open forum for discussion and maybe even periodic in-person meetings. Although I love the practice of law, it is difficult to balance a legal career with a personal life (and I don’t want to be a person who gives up my life for my work). I’m excited about a forum where I can discuss these issues and others with like-minded people. Keep up the good work!
    PS Any tips are appreciated.

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