That’s How the Light Gets In

dreamstime_xs_29575414Everything you read about blogs tells you that a good blogger posts regularly.  It seems I’m a long way from being a good blogger.

For the better part of the last couple of months, I have been overwhelmed by work and overcommitted with schedules–and it appears that I haven’t found much time to return to this blog.

That’s the way it goes with this profession of ours.  All of us who practice law are subjects of that tyrant known as Time.  As such we live lives in which all types of seemingly important matters lay siege to our schedules and before we know it, we abdicate our power to choose how we spend our days.  The saddest part is that those days turn into weeks, those weeks turn into months.  And before you know it a lot of life has passed you buy.

Obviously, I’m a long way from having this figured out.  But my prayer is that we live by grace…  and that there is virtue in continuing to try even when we fall short.

So no matter how distracted we’ve been, no matter how much time has passed since we’ve been in touch, it’s never too late to reconnect.

Ring the bell that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in.

–Leonard Cohen

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