Yes, it seems I am challenged by trying to single-handedly keep up with a blog while simultaneously keeping up a full-time litigation practice.  But I take some comfort in the fact that almost all of you know something about that struggle.  Most of you reading this blog wrestle with finding the time to do the things that are important in your life.  It may be serving on a committee at PTA, or helping with your son’s cub scout troop.  It may be undertaking that project with Rotary or sitting on the board of a non-profit.  Whatever it is, you know well how difficult it can be to practice law full-time and undertake work in other arenas.

So (as I said in a post this past November), it helps to remember that we live by grace.  What matters is not being perfect.  What matters is hanging in there.  Doing your part, even when the time is limited.  Even when you wish you could do better. 

Giving ourselves permission to undertake important work when we don’t have the time matters because success (however you might define that term) is never going to come to any of us while we wait around wishing we had more time.  You are what you do.  Not what you hope you will do.  So, let’s continue to ask the question–what are the things that really matter?  And let’s continue to seek the courage to build our lives (and our work) around the answer. 

May you welcome your own vulnerability
As the ground where healing and truth join.
May integrity of soul be your first ideal,
The source that will guide and bless your work.
–John O’Donohue

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