The Holiest of All Laws

img_2593-2On Friday a friend sent me a picture of a rose from her back yard.  It was a pale yellow, with a brush of deep pink at the fringes of the petals.  A perfect blossom.

The subject line read “Fall Bloom.”  That was it.  No message, just the picture.

The image reminded me of lines from one of my favorite Mary Oliver poems

The singular and cheerful life
of any flower
in anyone’s garden

catches me
by the heart,
by its color,

by its obedience
to the holiest of laws
Be alive
until you are not.

As I reflected on that poem, and that flower, I pondered what would it look like if I took the message of the rose seriously.

What would it look like to really show up for my life?  To live life as fully and as completely as possible?  Pulling every ounce of joy and meaning out of life along the way?

What would it look like for any of us—if we found the courage to fashion our lives in obedience to that holiest of all laws?

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