New Life

dreamstime_m_52617950If you live long enough you inevitably find yourself in a place where it feels as if all is lost.  Life as you know it—or imagined it to be, or hoped it would be—is suddenly over.  It may be the death of someone you love, the loss of a job, bankruptcy, or the loss of a relationship.  But when it happens the world caves in on you.  You no longer are standing on solid ground.  You want to curl up somewhere and be completely alone.  You feel there is nothing to do but lie low to the wall and wait.

Then after some time has passed—just as inevitably—something else happens.   You wake up one morning, and it seems time has arrived anew.  The ground beneath you is solid again—your feet planted in the fresh garden of promise.  And the air is blushed with new beginning.  Before, where there was only pain and darkness and loneliness, now there’s light and hope—and maybe even joy.

Easter reminds us that on the other side of every death and every loss, there is life again.  When the trees break forth into blossom, we can be sure of one thing—the darkest winter has turned to spring.

And so it is with our lives.  Every part of this universe—from the ferns and flowers on the forrest floor to the happenings of your days—moves in the great Circle of Life.

And resurrection will always be every bit as much a part of that circle as anything else.

Happy Easter.

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