The False Choice

patrick-fore-24677It is a false choice.  One that we have perpetuated for generations—the idea that you cannot thrive in the legal profession without sacrificing, to some degree, your personal well-being and the time you spend with those you love.  This false dichotomy  has caused countless lawyers to feel as if they have no choice but to leave their profession, even though being a lawyer is something they had always dreamed of doing.  And the perpetuation of this false choice has caused countless others to resign themselves to lives of “quiet desperation,” giving up all hope of ever really being happy and fulfilled.

It is time that we name this false dichotomy for what it is.  The great lie.  Things are not going to change for us until we allow ourselves to believe that we can make caring for ourselves a priority and still succeed in the legal world.

How to do that is precisely what we will be exploring next month at South Carolina’s first Attorney Unconference.

On October 16th Lawyers in Search of Soul will host best-selling author, lawyer and mindfulness coach, Jeena Cho, as she leads us in an Unconference for attorneys.  The Unconference will be a part of a larger event focused on lifestyle design for the legal profession.  In addition to the Unconference, there will also be presentations on specific tactics for dealing with the anxiety and exhaustion that comes from practicing law in a rapidly changing world.

For those not familiar with an Unconference, they have been popular for years in the technology and entrepreneurial sectors.  But they are now spreading to the legal world.  The event is participant driven and is transformative in so far as it offers the opportunity to benefit from the collective wisdom of a group, as opposed to passively listening to a single talking head at a podium.  It’s a difficult event to describe.  It’s one of those things that you simply have to experience to appreciate.

Google “Unconference” and you will get a feel for how this event has been utilized in other industries.  Also, check out Jeena Cho’s website ( .  Jeena is a pioneer in the presentation of these kinds of events.  She has led several Unconferences for large law firms and bar associations across the country, and we are fortunate to have her come to Charleston for this program.

This program promises to be a life-changing experience for those of us who struggle daily with how to do what needs to be done to take care of ourselves, to be present to those we love and to still thrive in the practice of law.

I hope many of you will make plans to attend.  And for those of you who can’t, I hope you will encourage someone else to come in your place.

For more information, or to register, click here.

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