About Us


For over a quarter of a century, the results of the studies remain the same–lawyers are the most unhappy, most anxiety-ridden, and most addicted of all professions.

Unfortunately, the response of many firms has been to say that this is just a hard profession.  Cope or quit–either suck it up and deal with it, or leave. The statistics don’t change, because our reactions to the problem don’t change.

But there is a better way to respond.  Coping or quitting aren’t the only options.


Here, at Lawyers in Search of Soul, we explore how lawyers who don’t leave the profession can live lives that are full of joy and meaning.  We have to make some changes in our profession, in our firms and in the way we work.  We have to hold the space for the difficult conversation about the aspects of our work that contribute to distress.  And we have to find the courage to begin to live and work differently.

But the time is now.  We can’t afford to wait any longer.

I invite you to join us in reflecting on how we can create a healthy profession, one where lawyers understand that balance and a healthy lifestyle are essential to doing our work well, and loving what we do.

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