About Mike

Owner/Photographer Kate Silvia Photography, LLC

Most people don’t realize that even though I’ve enjoyed a successful legal career, I went to law school only after graduating from seminary and doing a brief stint in the ministry.

Over the years of maintaining a busy litigation practice, I have observed how difficult this profession can be.  While still maintaining a full time (and very busy) law practice, I am committed to helping lawyers find ways to live lives that are healthier, more balanced and much more fulfilling.  In that work I am finally finding a way to integrate my desire for helping people with my life and career as a lawyer.

I make my home in Charleston, South Carolina, with my lovely wife, Katie (who is also a lawyer) and our two live in Zen masters—an Australian Shepherd and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  In my free time I enjoy film making, playing the dulcimer, journaling and spending time in the mountains.

It is time for more of us to begin to talk about how we, as lawyers, can make sense of our lives in the context of what is often difficult and exhausting work.  I encourage you to reach out and connect, so we can walk this journey together.

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