Loving More and Fussing Less

I am tired of hearing people accuse us of sensationalism or over-dramatization when we talk about lawyer suicide or the number of attorneys who suffer from substance abuse.  We have a problem in our profession.  And it’s long since past time to pull our heads out of the sand.

The Tradition of Gift Giving: When is Enough Enough?

Even though I am now in my late fifties, the Christmas Eve service still gets me.  The candlelight, the music, the poinsettias…everyone filing out into the cold dark night afterward, heading home to drink hot chocolate or egg nog in front of the Christmas tree, in living rooms piled high with gifts. The gifts… Now … More The Tradition of Gift Giving: When is Enough Enough?

Beginning Again And The Real World Messiness of Life

I’ve spent no small amount of time over the last few years writing and speaking about attorney well-being…about how we can take better care of ourselves as lawyers, how we can live less stressful, more meaningful lives. But while doing it, there was a feeling I could never shake.  No matter what I did, no … More Beginning Again And The Real World Messiness of Life


I recently spent the week in Kansas City attending the American Bar Association’s Annual Conference for the Commission for Lawyers Assistance Programs (COLAP).  Front and center was the ABA’s recently published paper—The Path to Lawyer Well Being—Practical Recommendations for Positive Change.  It is the result of a year-long project of the ABA’s Attorney Well-Being Task … More Belonging

The False Choice

It is a false choice.  One that we have perpetuated for generations—the idea that you cannot thrive in the legal profession without sacrificing, to some degree, your personal well-being and the time you spend with those you love.  This false dichotomy  has caused countless lawyers to feel as if they have no choice but to … More The False Choice

Be The Change

A few weeks ago I traveled to Mobile to address the lawyers in Alabama at their state bar’s Annual Convention.  It was the first time I’d ever been asked to deliver an opening keynote at an annual bar meeting.  And it was an honor to receive their invitation. At the time I didn’t know much … More Be The Change