New Life

If you live long enough you inevitably find yourself in a place where it feels as if all is lost.  Life as you know it—or imagined it to be, or hoped it would be—is suddenly over.

Here We Go!

On February 1st I made a one line entry in my journal.  “Here we go!” was all it said. But that one line contained two decades of soul searching, introspection and discernment.  After practicing with the same firm for 29 years (and after toying with the idea of leaving for many of those years) I … More Here We Go!

Just Do Today

If the rest of 2017 is anything like the first couple of weeks, this is going to be one wild and crazy ride.  There are so many moving parts in my world right now that my life feels like one interminable game of Whack-A-Mole—taking care of one problem, only to have two more pop up behind it. It … More Just Do Today