The Conversation

This website is an invitation to self-reflection and an exploration of why the practice of law can be so taxing on those who choose it for a profession.

There are many lawyers who have left the practice of law. Some to retire, many to forge new careers elsewhere…almost all to save what was left of their sanity. Many of these recovering lawyers have found a sense of community through social media. I commend them for their courage and I wish them well in their new journeys.

But this website is for those who haven’t left…those who have chosen to remain. Those who day after day subject themselves to over-work, over-stressed lives in institutional firms, large corporations or in underfunded legal service agencies and under-staffed courts systems. Those who labor under brutal billable hour goals and unmanageable dockets.

I don’t have anything against those who leave the law. I find their integrity refreshing and their stories inspiring. But I have a special place in my heart for those who remain. They are my tribe.

The most intelligently gifted, thoughtful and ethical people I know are lawyers. And even though the actual practice of law can be crazy-making, lawyers themselves are a rather remarkable group.

Nevertheless, our work can be soul killing and our profession is frequently maligned. Why is it that there is so much suffering among those involved in the practice of law? How can such a remarkable group be held in such low regard in our communities? And what’s to be done about it?

What really matters in our lives? As lawyers and as individuals? And why do we seem to always confuse one with the other? Most importantly, what would happen if lawyers began to engage each other in honest conversation around these questions?

I have no idea where such conversations will take us. But this site is intended to be a place where those of us who care about such things can find a safe place to talk. How do we infuse our lives with meaning while engaged in this practice that we love? And how do we support each other in our searches for meaning?